Full Scope of service

Services covered from the standard and pro plans
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SEO keyword research and analysis
SEO audit with recommendations
SEO app integrations
On-page SEO including meta titles and descriptions
Site speed optimisation
Shopify, Bigcommerce, WooCommerce, Webflow, Squarespace, Wix
Custom e-commerce store development from scratch
Custom website UI design
Website animations and transition effects
Conversion Rate Optimisation
Logo Design
Brand Style Guide Development
User Interface (UI) Design
Graphic Design for Online Assets
Social Media Profile Design
Copywriting & Content
100% human written content
5 star, native English speaking writers
Magazine quality articles
SEO optimised with meta titles and descriptions
Thorough topic and SEO keyword research
Trademark & copyright
Deliver an Actionable Report: Provide comprehensive insights on copyright and trademark concerns specific to your brand or product.
Chargebacks / PayPal Cases
Response Templates: Create customised templates for responding to chargebacks and PayPal disputes.
Ongoing Support: Provide continuous assistance and updates on chargeback and dispute resolution processes.
Dispute Resolution Strategy: Develop strategies to minimise chargebacks and handle disputes efficiently.
Customer Service
Customised Response Templates: Develop tailored response templates to enhance customer interactions and ensure consistency.
SOPs for Customer Interaction: Create standard operating procedures to standardise customer service operations and enhance quality.
Customer Service Training: Provide training modules to improve the skills of your customer service team in handling queries and complaints effectively.
Feedback and Resolution Tracking: Implement systems to track customer feedback and resolution processes, improving service quality over time.
Implementing SKUs Matched with a Spreadsheet for Reference: Organizing stock keeping units in a detailed spreadsheet to streamline product management and reference.
Correct GTIN/EAN/Barcode Setup: Ensuring that all products have accurate global trade item numbers and barcodes for seamless inventory and sales channel management.
Product Research: Conducting detailed analysis to identify potential products based on market trends, demand, and profitability.
Market Research: Analyse the market to understand competition, potential customer base, and effective strategies for product placement.
Quality Assurance Testing: Establishing protocols to ensure products meet quality standards and regulatory requirements before they go to market.
CRM Setup and Integration: Configure and integrate CRM systems to streamline customer relationships and data management.
Branded Email Design: Design bespoke emails that reinforce your brand identity and engage your audience effectively.
Upsells Through Email Automation: Implement email automation strategies to promote upselling opportunities seamlessly.
Review Templates: Create customised templates for collecting and managing customer reviews efficiently.
Subdomain Setup and Best Practices: Establish and manage subdomains optimally for enhanced campaign tracking and segmentation.
3PL Setup with Immediate Final Fees: Arrange third-party logistics with transparent final fee structures for swift implementation.
Software Integration: Integrate logistics software solutions to optimise inventory, shipping, and tracking processes.
IOSS System Setup for Your Orders Going to the EU: Configure the Import One-Stop Shop (IOSS) for efficient tax and duty management on EU orders.
Supply Chain System: Develop robust supply chain systems to enhance operational efficiency and responsiveness.
Freight Forwarder Sourcing: Identify and collaborate with freight forwarders to optimise shipping and handling logistics.
Risk Management / Insurance: Implement risk management strategies and secure insurance to protect against logistical uncertainties.
Import and Exporting Fees and Taxes: Provide clear guidance on the fees and taxes involved in international trade.
HS / Commodity Codes: Supply accurate Harmonised System (HS) or commodity codes essential for global trade compliance.
Social Commerce / Selling on Social Media
Social Commerce Strategy for TikTok / Instagram: Develop strategic plans to effectively sell and promote products through TikTok and Instagram.
Supply Chain
Source Potential Suppliers for Your Product: Identify and vet suppliers to find the best match for quality, reliability, and cost-efficiency.
Present MOQs with Laddered Costs: Provide minimum order quantities with scalable pricing to optimise inventory and budget.
Risk Management / Insurances: Establish comprehensive risk management procedures and appropriate insurance coverages to safeguard supply chain operations.

Softwares we use

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Google Docs
Microsoft Word

We don’t do

Complex animation
Complex coding
Web hosting
Complex 3D modeling

3rd party logins

For design projects, we utilise our own professional design suites, ensuring no need for access to your private accounts. For e-commerce and website platforms, we typically require a new user login created for us, except in the case of Shopify. For Shopify platforms, we seamlessly connect through our dedicated partner account.

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